It’s no secret that I love fountain pens. They have a unique feel to them that I just can’t find elsewhere. That said, I have a few favorite pens that are mostly in the beginner category. But I get a lot of mileage out of them.

TWSBI Diamond 580

This is my absolute favorite and the pen I use daily. It’s clear. I can see my ink. The nib glides effortlessly and it feels amazing in my hand. It’s not necessarily a pen I recommend to an absolute beginner due to the piston filling mechanism, but I highly recommend it as a second pen or an upgrade pen.

Pilot Metropolitan

This is my workhorse that writes on anything. It’s an excellent beginner pen and one of the first I ever used. It’s cheap enough that I tend to beat on it, throw it in my bag, use it on notecards, and anytime I want something to just work and not worry about damaging the pen.

Lamy Safari

This was my first daily pen and the one that hooked me on fountain pens. I don’t use it as much as I used to since I have the TWSBI 580, but I do ink it up occasionally for specific use cases.

Monteverde Invincia Carbon Fiber

Every pen I own has a fine nib on it except this one. I run a broad nib here. That’s because this is my special pen. I pull it out for writing thank you cards or notes to my wife. It’s a bit heavy for daily use or I would use it more. But again, it’s special.